Posted on 13-Apr-2019

Trouble Free Websites

Trouble Free Websites SEO

What is SEO? Seo is the method used to get your website listed in Google, yahoo, Bing ECT, ECT the better your SEO the higher your site gets. Getting ranked in the search can be achieved in two ways Pay Per Click or a correctly submitted website, which has the correct SEO.

The pay per click method will give instant results and as long as you have a regular advertising budget it will keep you at the top of the search engines. The SEO method can take a few months for local results could be a year for inertnational results, but the SEO method is long lasting and the visitors it brings to your site are free.

Both methods will get you ranked at the top of the search engines, so which one is for you.

SEO is something you will have to investigate at some stage of your sites publication because without search engine optimisation the only person looking at it will be you, if you want your site found you will need it listing in the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo ect ect.
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